05 October 2012


In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you

Shaykh Abd Rahman Al-Sa'adi (May Allah confer His Mercy upon him) 

Fortunate are those who avoid the destructive paths; Intending the stations of Allah’s pleasure.

Those who journey with the utmost sincerity; Following the legislation by which faith is measured.

Those who build the stations of their journey; Submitting between being fearful and being hopeful.

Those whose hearts the Divine has filled; With devotion to Him and love for the Most Merciful.

Those who remember Him and do so abundantly; In private, public and at all times in continuance.

Seeking nearness to the Sovereign-Master; By obeying Him and by forsaking disobedience.

Doing what is obligatory and optional is their way; Inspecting their own faults and their deficiencies.

Their souls patiently enduring all that is disdainful; Desirous of what it entails of benevolence.

They arrive at the Station of Contentment; Ultimately reaching the Garden and Safety.

For His Bounties to His creation they are grateful; With their hearts, tongues and limbs of their body.

Reliance is their companion in all their affairs; Whilst striving in the pleasure of the Most-Merciful.

Worshiping the Divine, believing in His presence; Thus taking their place at the Station of Excellence.

Advising others to that which pleases their Lord; With Knowledge, guidance and compassion.

Accompanying the people in the bodily form; Whilst their spirit dwell in the sublime station.

They alert creation to their complete need for Allah; Continuously fearing a decrease in their faith.

Their hearts turning away from all distractions; Completely emptied of other than the Most-Merciful.

Their movements, concerns and their resolves; Are all for Allah, not creation, nor the Devil.

The best of friends is the seeker of these paths; Which leads to acquiring goodness and ihsan.

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