08 March 2013

"I Love Me"

By Corine Gatti

Oh my, did anyone here me? I said “I loved myself”. That sounds over the top. Or does it? It’s perfectly fine to love yourself and claim “I love me”, so get to it girl!

Forgive. We all screw up and have done regrettable things. If you haven’t you’re in a class all by yourself and I give you permission to move on from this gallery. However, for the rest of us, we need to forgive ourselves for making mistakes. It’s a big relief when you can forgive yourself.

Word. Watch your mouth. Self-defeating phrases make you want to run away from yourself not embrace self-love.

Love others. A sure way to see how much you love yourself is measuring how you treat others. When we release and love others despite their imperfections, it frees us to grow and move forward.

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